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What our team can offer your facility

What makes us different?

We provide dedicated staff that enjoy working with the elderly.
 We provide the same provider on a consistent basis.
Streamlined services when it comes to customer service, billing  and point of contact.
We deliver customized clinical practices that are based on your needs.
We provide accurate and comprehensive documentation.
We encourage a team based approach.
We encompass an open and strong communication base to all our facilities.
We provide a unique and comprehensive scheduling service that keeps our providers organized and our clients properly serviced.
We provide training and support twice a year.
We have extensive knowledge of DVA and CDM programs to help save your facility money.
We are focused on Aged Care and our practices are tailored around residents in Aged Care Facilities.
We are mindful and knowledgeable in ACFI and its funding requirements, but we do not try to be ACFI and Accreditation educators. That is left up to the specialist. We focus solely on good Allied Health practices for your facility and your residents.
We are a local service provider.
We are reliable and you can trust we will be there when required.

Our Multidisciplinary service can provide the following benefits:

Improve the residents overall quality of life.
Improve mobility, confidence and independence.
Reduce the risk of falls and injury.
Provide assessments and care planning.
Provide pain management programs to help reduce pain.
Equipment assessments, recommendation and prescriptions.
Manual handling training.