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Kirsty Clayton-Green

Our expert team of podiatrists have many years of experience in biomechanical assessment and analysis. We identify, treat and prevent problems, taking care to explain our assessment and treatment in clear, simple terms, and answer any queries one may have. If you’re suffering from pain in your feet or lower limbs, or simply want a general check-up to ensure your feet remain in the best possible shape, book a podiatry treatment with Lara today.


Kirsty Clayton Green

Kirsty’s interests are in educating and the prevention of diabetic feet, foot care and the prevention of foot injuries, early detection of any changes in skin and foot sensation. Kirsty has a background in treating biomechanical deformities, minor surgery and the treatment of pain in client’s feet or lower limbs. Some but not all of the services Kirsty can provide are listed below.

- Diabetes Foot Screening                      - Orthotic Therapy
- Footwear Advice                                     - General Podiatry
- Plantar Fascilitis                                      - Ingrown Toenails
- Fungal Toenails                                        - Foot/Ankle/Knee Pain