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Home Visits
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Diabetes Education

What our team can offer you at home

Instead of waiting in traffic, doctor’s offices, paying tolls and taking time off, our Allied Health team can come to your home on the Gold Coast. We work around your schedule and will come to your place of residence at a time convenient for you.

The concept of in-home-care was born when our Allied Health Professionals noticed that many of their elderly patients were unable to keep their regular office appointments due to difficulties arranging transportation and/or due to challenges caused by their overall physical state.

By arranging house calls, our team are able to follow up with patients on a regular basis and provide necessary care when needed. We emphasize prevention because of the many infections and hospitalizations that can be prevented by a simple house call.
Our visiting professionals are equipped with all of the necessary tools to handle all most every condition we see in “office” practice.
Our podiatrists can do the trimming of hard to cut toenails, ingrown nail surgery, diabetic and pressure ulcers care, and treatment of gout, lower extremity infections..........Home Foot Care Services can order, bacterial cultures, and diagnostic ultrasound all at bedside. We also offer durable medical equipment, such as extra depth shoes, custom made insoles, prosthetics and gait assisting devices.
All our Allied Health Professionals can provide assessments, treatment, education, and ultimatley, prevention of health issues.